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Betroleo Brasileiro price doubles within a month!

by m.tamosauskas| April 28, 2015 | No Comments

Two months ago we published Petroleo Brasileiro forecast calling for a major bottom to develop during the next few weeks. Two downside targets were measured basis our fib-price-ratio analysis and as it stands out the bottom was found near the lower range of it with a recorded low at 4.90. The following rejection to the upside and an immediate price-doubling are suggesting the completion of a 7-year counter-trend decline into this low. Step by step the ‘inflation-pop’ scenario is starting its course and commodity related assets, just like Petroleo Brasileiro, are expected to benefit the most:


Short-term, the advance that began from the 4.90 low is taking a form of a five wave pattern, labelled as intermediate wave (1). A test towards 12.88+/- is expected during the next several weeks prior to beginning the balancing phase of the preceding advance (4.90-12.88+/-):


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