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ANNOUNCEMENT – PART II – VIDEO LAUNCH for Commodities & Currencies!

by m.tamosauskas| January 22, 2015 | No Comments


The latest edition of the Elliott Wave Compass report has just been released and WaveTrack’s long awaited Commodity and Currency video!
Learn why Commodities & Currencies (PART II) – Commodity declines of the last few years are now approaching important downside targets that complete 3½+/- year corrective patterns that began in early 2011. Copper, Crude Oil and particularly Precious Metals are signalling directional changes that begins the 2nd upswing phase of the ‘Inflation-Pop’ that originally began from the late 2008, early 2009 lows. The US$ dollar has also reached an important upside target that justifies its completion of the entire counter-trend upswing that began from the March ’08 lows. In this latest video, we discuss these current set-ups and how they continue during the next few years:
·         Industrial metals are unfolding into archetypal multi-year zig zag patterns from the 2008/09 lows with the next stage set to begin huge price advances for Copper and Platinum
·         Precious metals have turned the corner last November/December ’14, ending counter-trend declines from the year-2011 highs. Gold and Silver mining stocks have ended expanding flat patterns from the year 2007/08 highs and are set to explode higher during the next few years
·         The US$ dollar enters a period of significant declines – this corroborates the dollar-denominated commodity upsurge that enters the next stage of the ‘Inflation-Pop’.
How do you access this video? Please become an EW-Compass subscriber and log-in to your account at www.wavetrack.com. Open the EW-Compass application and view all the latest price-forecasts online in our purpose-built Elliott Wave software.


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