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by m.tamosauskas| September 27, 2013 | No Comments


We’d have announced our new bonus programme for the EW-Compass report. At the end of each month, an additional Elliott Wave chart will be added to the report selected from our institutional EW-Forecast database. This may highlight a current theme or chosen to corroborate the prevailing trend of any stock index, equity, bond, currency or commodity, but its primary essence will be to illustrate the pattern’s adherence to the application of fib-price-ratios. These are integral in the attempt to count Elliott Waves correctly, in an objective way and without random subjectivity that is the result of human pre-conception.

From the beginning of October, U.S. companies will report their 3rd quarter results as the earnings season kicks in! Alcoa Inc. traditionally starts the roll-call and so we’ve decided to add this equity to begin the bonus programme in order to get an impression of its trend and to see if it has any relationship to the underlying market.

We hope you enjoy this new bonus chart – please don’t forget to send us your comments as we continue to explore the inherent geometric ratio and proportion qualities contained within the Elliott Wave Principle!

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