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India S&P CNX Nifty 50 Elliott Wave Update

The Nifty 50 has now achieved original upside targets at 7954.00+/- with Monday’s high of 7968.25. A reversal is necessary to confirm the completion of minor wave iii.’s advance from the Feb.’14 low of 5933.30 and validate a 4th wave counter-trend decline in the months ahead. Basis a fib. 50% retracement ratio, idealised support is […]Continue reading «India S&P CNX Nifty 50 Elliott Wave Update»

The Big Secret in Financial Markets

Dear Elliott Wave enthusiasts! The northern hemisphere’s Summer Solstice is the opposite of the southern hemisphere’s Winter Solstice, the period of longest daylight/nightfall, scheduled for this coming Saturday, 21st June. The balancing of day/night is just one dualistic aspect of our universe and a reminder of the one which also epitomises the dualistic concept found […]Continue reading «The Big Secret in Financial Markets»

India Nifty 50

The Nifty 50 has advanced into a similar leading expanding-diagonal pattern as compared to the Hang Seng from its Dec.’11 low of 4531.15 but has outperformed since last December, and only now approaching a terminal upside completion of the pattern at 6869.85. There is now an increasing risk that it has begun a severe multi-month […]Continue reading «India Nifty 50»

Some serious drop overnight (India)

Back from holidays 🙂 As I can see, weak markets started to roll over. Hope all of you stayed safe, but don’t fall asleep – a buying opportunities are clearing up. India is showing extreme weakness. A dramatic sell-off during the last days has brought India’s Nifty already into min. original downside targets at 5282.30. […]Continue reading «Some serious drop overnight (India)»

India-CNX Nifty 50 – top is in?

The current rally from 5853.90 is labelled as the 2nd within an ongoing five wave impulse decline that began from the Jan.’13 high of 6111.80. Short-term upside resistance is measured to 6012.25 basis a fib. 61.8% retracement. A reversal from there would confirm downside continuation during the next several weeks, with unchanged targets towards 4920.50. […]Continue reading «India-CNX Nifty 50 – top is in?»

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