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Precious Metals: Gold/Silver Analysts Way Too Bearish!

by WaveTrack International| February 3, 2015 | No Comments

Precious Metals | HOT TOPIC: Contrarian Bullish Signal for Precious Metals!

Precious Metals | HOT TOPIC:

Ahead of the LBMA (London Bullion Markets Association) Assaying & Refining conference to be held in London on the 8th-10th March, the LBMA announced the submissions from 35 global analysts for their average price forecasts for gold and silver for the year 2015.

Precious Metals: Gold/Silver Analysts Way Too Bearish!

Precious Metals Comparison

As can be seen from the above averages taken from all 35 submissions, there is a ‘herding’ mentality to predict average prices not too far from current levels. For example the average expected price for gold is $1211.00 whereas the current price is trading at $1275.00 – not too far away given prices have swung much farther already during the last month alone. Silver averages at $16.76, a price level that even traded last Friday. This is not much of a forecast – we might as well pack up and go home!

That said, the high/low average that some predicted for gold fluctuates from the most bullish at $1321.00 to the most bearish at $950.00. For silver, the high/low average of forecasts range between $18.56 as the highest and $13.00 as the lowest. These huge differences of opinion is something that you would not expect to see given that fundamental drivers must surely be the same for everyone!

Elliott Wave: from our own perspective, looking ahead for this year, 2015, we expect much higher price levels than all of these analysts. This is because Elliott Wave patterns that have taken several years to develop have reached terminal downside levels last November/December. This is particularly true for most of the gold/silver mining stocks.

We have issued various updates that confirm new medium-term uptrends have begun for the major mining companies in recent monthly reports. For example, the XME GOLD/Silver index hit into our downside targets last November ’14 with the following advance already up +30.90% per cent!

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