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2020 – Next Stage of the ‘Inflation-Pop’

by WaveTrack International| December 17, 2019 | No Comments

The Next Stage of the ‘Inflation-Pop’ is Getting Underway in 2020!

2020 – the next stage of the ‘Inflation-Pop’ is getting underway!

EuroStoxx 50 – Forecast Mid-Year Triple Video Series!

Last June’s Mid-Year 2019 Video Report forecast a 2nd wave corrective downswing for the Eurostoxx 50 unfolding from April’s high of 3515.15 – it had a lot to do to achieve this forecast, but that’s the power of the Elliott Wave Principle!

The 2nd wave correction labelled primary wave 2 was forecast unfolding into an expanding flat pattern, (A)-(B)-(C) subdividing 3-3-5. Wave (B) upside forecasts were towards 3555.00+/- to max. 3622.00+/- which ultimately ended at 3573.57! Next came the forecast for wave (C)’s five wave decline targeting 3211.60, max. 3197.00+/-. However, the actual low formed in early-August at 3239.20!

2020 - Track Record - EuroStoxx 50 - Forecast 22nd June 2019 - Mid Year Video - Check out WaveTrack's 2020 Video Forecasts!

Track Record – EuroStoxx 50 – Forecast 22nd June 2019 – Triple Video Series – Mid Year

EuroStoxx 50 – Result! Track Record

The result was phenomenal! – the Eurostoxx 50 then began a huge advance to begin primary wave 3. As a result, since August, there’s been a gain of almost +16% per cent!

2020 - Track Record - RESULT! - EuroStoxx 50-- 17th December 2019

Track Record – RESULT! – EuroStoxx 50– 17th December 2019

It’s been a similar story for the S&P 500 and many other world indices too.

We’re getting ready to publish the Annual 2020 PART I Video Report before month-end (December). If you like this example of applying Elliott Wave forecasting with our proprietary use of Fibonacci-Price-Ratio analysis, then keep a look-out for our announcements within the next couple of weeks!

We hope you’ll join us in tracking some amazing inflation-led forecasts for the coming year!

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