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geometric beauty and harmony (AMAZON)

by m.tamosauskas| March 28, 2014 | No Comments

R. N. Elliott’s monograph entitled ‘Nature’s Law’ published in 1946 dedicated an entire chapter to the geometric ratio and proportion qualities of the Elliott Wave Principle. This was the result of his earlier introduction to the Fibonacci Summation Series by Charles J. Collins.  Its application was ‘work in progress’ but unfortunately, R. N. Elliott passed away two years later. Despite this however, he left a legacy for us to continue its development and discovery. The use of modern-day computers has accelerated our understanding and our realisation of its frequency within developing EW patterns. This adherence of fib-price-ratios has increased pattern identification whilst helping to minimise the inherent ‘subjectivity’ of human pre-conception that so often results in erroneous wave counting.

We’d like to introduce you to an excellent example of fib-price-ratio adherence within an action-reaction process, an impulse wave followed by a progressive corrective wave.  The equity Amazon.com Inc. has recently completed a text-book five wave expanding-impulse pattern into the Jan.’14 high whilst unfolding into archetypal fib-price-ratio measurements.

The complete analysis is added to this month’s Bonus Chart in the latest edition of the EW-Compass report – so don’t miss this chance to explore the geometric beauty and harmony embedded within the price development of Elliott Wave Principle.01_140328_Amazon


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