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The Twilight Zone for Stock Indices (Secular-Bear vs. Secular-Bull)

MID-YEAR (2015) ELLIOTT WAVE VIDEO UPDATE of GLOBAL MARKETS Dear Elliott Wave Enthusiast! It’s time to update you on many of the amazing developments that have occurred this year in GLOBAL STOCK MARKETS. We’ve begun to compile many of the medium/long-term Elliott Wave counts from the institutional EW-Forecast database to create two 70-90 minute videos […]Continue reading «The Twilight Zone for Stock Indices (Secular-Bear vs. Secular-Bull)»

The Big Secret in Financial Markets

Dear Elliott Wave enthusiasts! The northern hemisphere’s Summer Solstice is the opposite of the southern hemisphere’s Winter Solstice, the period of longest daylight/nightfall, scheduled for this coming Saturday, 21st June. The balancing of day/night is just one dualistic aspect of our universe and a reminder of the one which also epitomises the dualistic concept found […]Continue reading «The Big Secret in Financial Markets»

DAX hasnt completed its upswing

I think this chart summarizes the current stock market condition – U.S. markets have started their counter-trend rebound whilst European markets haven’t finished their five wave sequences. The Dax quickly recovered from last week’s low and is now on its way to ultimate upside objectives at 8645.55 to finalise a five wave expanding-impulse sequence from […]Continue reading «DAX hasnt completed its upswing»

DAX is also quickly approaching its ultimate upside targets

Another market indicating about limited upside potential during the next several days. With additional upside during the latter half of last week, the Dax has traded into the 8199.51-8283.13 area. This sets the stage for a reversal signature from current levels that would confirm the completion of the counter-trend upswing from the June low of […]Continue reading «DAX is also quickly approaching its ultimate upside targets»


The advance from the low of November ’11 at 5366.50 to the March ’12 high of 7194.33 represents the completion of intermediate wave (1) and this is currently being balanced by a counter-trend retracement decline as intermediate wave (2) – it is still in progress. This decline is unfolding into a single zig zag pattern, […]Continue reading «DAX 30 – REVERSAL»

Dax 30

Cycle wave A ended its advance at 7441.82 and the counter-trend decline as wave B is shown unfolding into an expanding flat pattern labeled A-B-C in primary degree that completed at 4973.92 in September ‘11. Since that low, the Xetra Dax started to advance as cycle wave C. From an Elliott Wave perspective, the count […]Continue reading «Dax 30»

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