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Apple Inc. Set To Complete Medium-Term Uptrend With Ending/Diagonal Pattern

by WaveTrack International| July 23, 2018 | 5 Comments

Apple Inc. Set To Complete Medium-Term Uptrend With Ending/Diagonal Pattern
Nasdaq 100

The Nasdaq 100 index tracking over the last several months identified February’s advance approaching the completion of a zig zag pattern. That’s a huge danger signal warning that January’s initial corrective decline remains incomplete. In Elliott Wave terms, January/February’s decline is simply the first sequence within a developing three wave expanding flat pattern. February/July’s zig zag advance is ending the second sequence now, with a third declining sequence about to begin with downside targets -19% per cent below the July high.

But there is always an updside to a downside! The good news is that after the expanding flat pattern has ended, as a 4th wave correction, a 5th wave will then develop the next stage of the larger uptrend, targeting higher-highs.

These price sequences have a direct but positive correlation to Apple Inc.’s price development. Interestingly, even though its Elliott Wave pattern is entirely different.

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. has a component weighting in the Nasdaq 100 of 11.306% per cent. It is indeed a key indicator of the general trend. Just over 2-years ago, on May 24th 2016, we issued a new buy-signal for Apple Inc. as it was just ending an intermediate degree 4th wave retracement at 96.43 having touched a low at 89.47. Since then, the stock has traded up to 194.20, a gain of 101% per cent – see fig #1 – inset, right. But what next?

Apple Inc. - APPL - Elliott Wave Financial Price Forecast by WaveTrack International

Apple Inc. – Elliott Wave Forecast 2018

Intermediate wave (5)’s advance from 89.47 has unfolded into a five wave expanding-impulse pattern, i-ii-iii-iv-v. But interestingly, the final advance as minor wave v. five has been identified as unfolding into a five wave diagonal-impulse pattern. Specifically, an ending/contracting-diagonal – see fig #1 – foreground, left.

Apple Inc. and the Elliott Wave Ending Diagonal Pattern

The diagonal has its characteristic wedge-shaped form. It is contracting as it moves towards completion, labelled in minute degree, 1-2-3-4-5. An ‘ending’ type diagonal like this one, where it is ending the larger uptrend as a fifth wave means its impulse waves, 1-3-5 have a tendency to subdivide into zig zags (or multiples). For example [a]-[b]-[c] which is very evident in Apple Inc.’s advances that began the diagonal from the June ’17 low. It is this characteristic that specifically endorses the diagonal, setting itself apart from just about any other pattern in Elliott’s compendium.

This analysis identifies a 3rd wave high as minute wave 3 ending into the June ’18 high of 194.20. However, the 4th wave, minute wave 4 remains incomplete to the downside. The late-June decline to 180.73 was not enough to complete the entirety of wave 4 – more downside is necessary. This 4th wave is labelled as unfolding into a zig zag where the final sequence pulls prices lower from around current levels, targeting 175.80+/-.

Apple Inc. and Fibonacci Price Ratios

This is derived by extending the 180.73 decline by a fib. 38.2% ratio. It tallies with the fib. 38.2% retracement of wave 3 three’s advance. Thus forming a fib-price-ratio convergence-matrix of support at this area. A fib. 61.8% ratio would otherwise extend this 4th wave towards 170.80+/- but a lower downside attempt like this is time-dependent. It will need to decline fairly rapidly so as to maintain the correct angle of the lower boundary-line of the diagonal.

This 4th wave decline correlates to the Nasdaq 100’s expected decline of -19% per cent referred to earlier. The percentages don’t exactly match. Apple Inc. would drop by only -9.4% per cent to 175.80+/- or -12.0% per cent to 170.80+/-, but that simply means it will outperform its peers.

Looking Ahead

Once the 4th waves for the Nasdaq 100 and Apple Inc. are out of the way, a 5th wave advance can begin for both. Apple Inc.’s upside target as minute wave 5 within the diagonal result in gains of +14-18% per cent – impressive!. Definitely, one to keep watching!

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